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Builder Services

About Services

As a third-party warranty management company, My Home Solution has significant experience in the field of customer service and new home warranty management. Our professional role as an informed and objective warranty administrator/educator creates many benefits to our Builders before, during and after the delivery of your new homes.

Prior to Closing:

Delivery of the Home

Prior to closing, My Home Solution conducts a Closing Walkthrough with the Homebuyer. This walkthrough is a final review of the Builders Completion List where each listed defect is inspected for completeness and approval by the Homebuyer.

At the conclusion of this walk through, My Home Solution completes a final Completion Items list defining any carryover issues remaining or noting that the home is complete in its entirety and is accepted by the homebuyer as such.

Post Closing Warranty Service

My Home Solution provides the Homeowner with the single source of contact for all questions, concerns and warranty needs during the one-year materials and workmanship warranty: